Fresh fruit and vegetables, delivered 7-days a week Sydney-wide

As a HACCP Certified business, we pride ourselves on our quality produce. We tailor our 7-days a week delivery service to ensure that all our produce gets to you in the freshest possible condition, no matter where you are in Sydney.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

The team at Fruitilicious Wholesale has a special ability to satisfy the individual needs and unique specifications of our customers. With both premium grade and number 2 grade (for sauces) produce, we take care of all our customer’s fruit and vegetable needs. We work hard to not only source the highest quality fruit and vegetables, but to find unusual produce when it’s requested by our customers. Our fruit and vegetables are affordable and fresh, perfect for any business. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your business’s unique produce needs.


Seasonality is a key factor affecting produce quality and availability in Sydney, with some exotic fruits and vegetables only available for a few weeks at a time. We engage in ongoing communication with all our clients, which allows us to assist them in the preparation of menus. Ensuring they are taking full advantage of the best range of produce available at any one time.

Australian grown fruit and vegetables

The entire team at Fruitilicious Wholesale are committed to supporting Australian produce. The only circumstance where our produce isn’t Australian grown, is if the produce line was out of season.

We also stocks fresh locally produced juices, eggs, coconut water, drinking coconuts and water.

Contact us here, for more information on any of our produce or services.